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Today, if you want to get food, all it takes is a trip to the grocery store. There you can find virtually every food available from all over the world – fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and baked goods, and prepared foods like spaghetti sauce, noodles, pickles and potato chips. Being able to get the food we want, when we want it, is something many of us usually take for granted. But  have anyone of us ever wondered for what it takes to get  only     one    right  bottle of your favourite  ready to eat or your favourite pickle bottle.

FARM FRESH is a staple name in the  pickle market and a trusted  brand for pickle lovers. 

At  FARM FRESH  you get the best quality pickle without any compromise in standards, because every single bottle of pickle, murabba or  ready to eat foods goes through  a series to provide the best we can. 

The whole process of pickle making travels through 4 stages.


It involves in the  purchase  of the right raw material.

We purchase about 100 million pounds mango every year. The other vegetables include a 65 million pounds. The raw material includes the purchase of vegetables, spices, oil  and maintaining the stock  in a well kept condition.

The mangoes and other vegetables are then sorted out by people in regards of their freshness quotient. Then the ripe to be used mangoes are  thoroughly washed  and cleaned in huge water barrels. After washing they are dried, cut, slit, sorted and then are sent for production. The whole process  involves  hours of dedicated work.

The  selected vegetables are then tossed in mixture of salt and spices and  is kept  for storage.

We at FARM FRESH produce our pickles in  its natural form and no such preserving agents are added that render artificial taste to  them. The mangoes and other vegetables are preserved and kept for months  in salt and spice solution  so that they regain their own natural taste. 


When the stored   vegetables  are ripen enough they are then sent to our lab for testing of any  bacterial or  fungal formulation. Once  detected perfect for use they are again sorted and finally  send to the production department.

The vegetables then  are tossed in spices and oil is treated as a preserving agent. The  product  then moves to the packing department.


The pickles are finally packed, sealed and shrunken. We  have automatic  sealing, filling and packing machines which reduces the risk of  quantity  related  problems.

All the three plants of  PRE- PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION AND PACKING are equipped with a complete on line quality assurance, for ensuring supply of products of a uniform and consistent quality. Thus rendering the costly & time consuming process of quality testing at the buyers site easy and ensuring the customer always finds good value for money as per customer's perceived expectations. The quality assurance is built around a system of benchmarking all inputs and outputs in addition to the on-line quality assurance. An in-depth investigated audit is also routinely made by an independent team of quality auditors in order to ensure the highest productivity while ensuring constantly highest standard as per the established benchmarks.

A Taster's Panel with a high sense of objective sensory evaluation perform panel testing on a very frequent and regular interval, ensuring  a consistent profile for  all products. Besides this, the company has developed close ties with  the latest market of research, innovations and development through surveys.

This survey has  helped the company remain at the forefront of the industry with  latest trends in pickle production developments, as well as waste management methods. As one example at FARM FRESH  we have tried to retain the true traditional taste of pickling and hence developed ways to overcome the non-use of vinegar in our products.

And now we are entering  the market with the latest flavour of well being the Ayurvedic way of eating.

The upcoming market needs, our research panel and  our  customers appreciation  has helped our unit to  overcome  the harshness of market and remain at the forefront .


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