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Pacharanga History Unfolded

Pachranga group was formed by Late Shri Murli Dhar Dhingra in Pakistan at Kaloorkot, District Mianwali in 1925.

It was after partition that the Pachranga company shifted to Panipat in India in 1943. The company then was run by Late Shri Asa Nand Dhingra followed by his son Shri Chander Mohan Dhingra. The establishment was overall new because of the partition hassles, the growth rate though was minimal but the efforts and hard work paid with the arrival of  the fourth generation of the family.

Shri Chander Mohan Dhingra has inculcated thy responsible tradition of pickle making to the fourth generation of the family with PACHRANGA'S FARM FRESH. It was inaugurated in 1994.

The company was formed in order to retain  the true taste of  homemade traditional art of pickling and fight the upcoming market needs.

Fortunately, resourcefulness prevailed, a new plan was prepared, and the company quickly began processing and packing pickles itself. From a modest beginning in 1994  with only 80 workers and Rs. 5,00,00,000 in capital, PACHRANGA'S FARM FRESH grew to become a complete pickling operation with grower contracts, a direct sales force and its own fleet of  avid  taste lovers.

FARM FRESH is the largest independent pickle company in India which is trusted for age old traditional, homemade taste of its pure, hygienic and tasteful palates of pickles and curries. The  company has grown to be the best selling brand of pickles, chutneys, canned, ready to eat food, murabbas, sauces, spices and the first-best selling brand of vinegar less, shelf stable pickles in the country.

Each year we at FARM FRESH  generate millions of pounds of raw mangoes, and other veggies to up come the demand  of our pickle lovers.

The company has over 45000 fiber-glass and plastic vats with storage capacity in excess of million pounds of Raw vegetables. Each year, we at,  FARM FRESH sell more than millions of jars of processed and fresh packed pickles, relishes, murabbas, canned  ready to eat variety of foods, sauces and many more food grade items.

The company has developed close ties with  the latest market of Research Innovations And Development. These relationships have helped the company remain at the forefront of the industry with  latest trends in pickle production developments, as well as waste management methods. As one example, FARM FRESH Company is the first pickle industry which has overcome the non–use  of vinegar as a preserving and taste providing agent in their pickles.

Besides this FARM FRESH claims to be the first one in thy industry to develop and boast  Ayurvedic Conceptualization as the  flavour of the up coming market of health and eating.

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