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Tradition of Rich Taste

The tryst with taste which started way back before independence is now a living example of blending tradition with changing times. A trusted name synonymous with unmatched quality and homemade taste of pure, hygienic and tantalizing pickles, murabbas, chutney, canned ready to eat food, tomato ketchup, Chinese and thai flavor sauces.

As a fourth generation pickle maker, we have used our secret recipes, mixed it with exotic spices and packaged it to make perfect pickles. A tantalizing experience is guaranteed.

Pachranga international …. A royal treat!!

The largest independent pickle company in India is a masterful integration of ancient wisdom and modern culinary science, perfectly blended with love and compassion. From a modest beginning in 1943 with only 80 workers, PACHRANGA INTERNATIONAL grows to become the best selling brand in the country. In fact, the flavor and freshness of a Pachranga International is making waves in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Middle East, Philippines, Kenya, Italy and more.

The first flavor of Indian tradition …..


The story of Pachranga Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. has its origins from Kaloorkot, District Mianwali in Pakistan, where Late Shri Murlidhar Dhingra its founder member incorporated business in the name of Pachranga  Sons Corporation.

I was his son, Shri Asa Nand Dhingra who shifted base to Panipat, India, in 1943, well before independence. And here, the company’s by now fine tradition of pickle-making was carried forward by yet another generation, his son Shri Chander Mohan Dhingra. What began as a modest cottage industry more than five decades ago is today a thriving enterprise which utilizes the most sophisticated food manufacturing technology, and meets with the highest international quality standards. In our products, you will discover a fine blend of traditional Indian flavors packed by the most scientific processes. All this to provide our valued customers across the globe the finest of flavors in topmost quality products.

The fine tradition of pickle making converted in brand “Farm Fresh” & “Once-mor” in 1994. An ancient art perfected in the kitchens of India and matured under the Indian sun & handed down the mist of time through generations. This tradition finds its full flavor in the range of 42 variants of Pickle, Murabba, Chutney & Sharbat branding in Pachranga’s Farm Fresh and Tomato Ketchup, Sauces of all types Indian, Chinese & thai flavors branding in Once-mor. A name Synonymous with quality across the world.

Three important factors contribute to the success of Pachranga’s Farm Fresh & Once-mor:
Only the freshest and choicest vegetables and fruits go into the making of these preserves. These preserves are based on the traditional and time honored Indian recipes. They are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions in a state-of-the-art plant which uses sophisticated, ultra- modern machinery for food cutting, processing and packaging.


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